Month: January 2019

August 2013 | A Troubled Heart

My heart wanted revival, but at what cost? Believe me when I say I didn’t expect God to answer my prayer the way that He did. 8/8/2013 God, Burden the hearts of our church for children. I pray every spot will be filled. Unify the leaders. Let us remember it’s all about you. I praise […]

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June 2013 | A Lifeless Heart

When I lived in the city, I was merely going through the motions day after day of being a mom of four, a wife, a children’s church leader, a Christian school administrator and teacher. I even found myself busy being a ‘Christian’. I didn’t know it, but my heart was so far from God. However, […]

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No Answers

Monday, April 7, 2014 It’s so hard being patient. Waiting on God. Wanting answers. Trying not to worry. If only I could have glimpsed into the future. I’d know what to do. Patience. Definitely not one of my strong suits. I waited. I wondered. I was unsure. I lived day to day. I searched. I […]

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