August 2013 | A Troubled Heart

My heart wanted revival, but at what cost?

Believe me when I say I didn’t expect God to answer my prayer the way that He did.


God, Burden the hearts of our church for children. I pray every spot will be filled. Unify the leaders. Let us remember it’s all about you.

I praise you for all the kids you have brought to our Christian school. Unify our teaching staff. I pray if someone is not supposed to be in this ministry, Lord, that you will lead them out. Amen.

Little did I know that it would be my husband that God would remove from the ministry.

My heart was broken.

Not just because he was removed, but because betrayal had entered my marriage for the second time.

Naturally, I wanted to escape the pain that troubled my heart, but there was nowhere to run.

Although I was far from God, He was still so near.

He never left my side.

In my absence, He waited patiently for me to return to Him. 

I didn’t see it at the time, but God had a purpose for this season of heartache.

I wouldn’t be able to get through this pain on my own. I needed help.

God’s help.

My troubled heart had me running back to my Father.

Seeking Him for refuge.

This was a season for my troubled heart to trust God for help.

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