December 2013|A Feeble Heart

My secret was weighing heavy on my heart. Life went on with a fake smile.

Very few people knew the truth about my husband’s abrupt exit from the ministry. 

I had entered a very lonely and dark place. All I could do was cry and ask God why.

This is what I did for months in any hidden place I could find. Just me and God. He could see the burden my heart was struggling to carry on my own.

December came, and I finally wrote God for the first time since betrayal had entered my marriage.


Lord, I’m broken. I need your healing touch. I don’t understand why. But, I know I love you and all things will work out for your glory and my good.

Show me where you want me. Show us what church you would have us to serve. Give me wisdom and peace.

Heal my marriage. I don’t want to be married anymore. I just want to walk away. God, I need your help. 

Your will, not mine! Amen.

The devil thought he had won.

That I was too weak to fight back.

He was dead WRONG!

God would begin to shed light on my dark situation.

He gave me hope. Hope that shouted victory will come.

I just needed to hang on, believe, and let God fight for me.

My feeble heart found strength in God’s power.

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